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Termite Damage is Expensive to Repair…You Can Easily Avoid it with our Total Pest Protection Package.

Our Total Pest Protection Package is the most advanced pest control service ever offered. It is designed to rid your home or business of pests year around. It is a thorough, clean and environmentally friendly treatment of the interior & exterior of your home to keep general pests out… combined with a perimeter termite ground/spot treatment using a non-repellent termiticide to help protect it from termites. We guarantee that your home or business will be pest free of these pests for an entire year or we will return and retreat free of charge! No matter what your pest problem, BugMaster Termite & Pest Control uses the best products available to eliminate it. We don’t just spray for bugs, we treat all areas where they live and breed to get to the root of the problem and solve it.  If they do come back for any reason, so do we….guaranteed! Call BugMaster today to schedule your free inspection today!

New homes can get termites too!!  Click play to see termites swarming from this 2 year old house.
Steps that consumers can take to protect their homes from this destructive pest are:

  1. Remove wood piles and other cellulose sources from under and next to homes.
  2. Have an annual inspection by a licensed professional pest control company.
  3. Direct water sources, such as air conditioner drip lines and roof downspouts, away from the structure foundation.
  4. When purchasing a home, carefully check its termite protection history.
  5. Obtain a termite protection contract and renew it annually.


Termite Control

We offer several methods to aid in the control of Subterranean and Drywood Termites.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development requires termite control pre-treatment on every new home that is financed by HUD.  The traditional method was to pump 300 to 500 gallons of pesticide into the soil around homes.  For years, Dursban was the chemical of choice for termite ground treatment.  But, the EPA will prohibit its use as a termiticide at by the end of 2004.  In 1999 HUD gave its approval for the use of wood pre-treatment including a borate product called Bora-Care.  The borate treatments are finding approval from environmentalists and have given pest management professionals a better method for treatment.

At Bugmaster Termite & Pest Control we provide total termite protection using a  liquid treatment and follow up monitoring. We can erradicate termites from your home five times faster than bait / monitoring systems.

 Termidor starts working immediately. It kills by ingestion, contact, and its unique transfer effect.  It has shown exceptional results in more than 700,000 homes treated in the United States since March 2000.


BugMaster will inspect your home for Termites, Termite tunnels, and Termite Damage.  We will then make a written recommendation that will best protect your home.

BugMaster will apply a non-repellant barrier of Termidor around the perimeter of your house.  Critical areas in the home may need to be treated. These areas may include areas with active Termites and plumbing areas. Termidor allows termites to continue their routine while they are transferring Termidor to other termites. Every other termite it contacts, feeds, or grooms will become a carrier, contacting and infecting others.

STEP 3 : Annual Inspection
Upon receipt of renewal fee, BugMaster will return to inspect the property.  This allows us to know when additional service is needed to keep your home Termite Free.

“Never Pay For Termite Treatments Again”

Keep in mind, one inspection or termite treatment won’t give you what you really want: a termite-free home for the rest of your life. (Remember, Texas has one of the highest termite infestation areas in the U.S.) That’s why we’re offering you a powerful, termite-tight guarantee…

A RENEWABLE, TRANSFERABLE THREE-PHASE GUARANTEE that lasts not just for one year, not even five, but for . . . a lifetime:

  1. If, within one year of your first treatment, we uncover a new colony of subterranean termites, we will re-treat your home for FREE – and waive your first year’s renewal fee.
  2. If, during the first five years of your service contract, we uncover a new colony of subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE.
  3. If, during the first five years and any year thereafter, we uncover a new colony of subterranean termites, we will re-treat for FREE – EVEN IF YOU SELL THE HOME AND MOVE OUT!

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