Great Flowers for the Hot Weather

For those who aren’t gardening whizzes, keeping a great looking flower garden in the heat of a Houston Texas summer can be downright frustrating. One of the keys to making sure that you have gorgeous, vibrant flowers no matter how hot it gets is to use the right kinds of flowers. Some simply don’t grow well in the area, so you have to find the ones that do. Luckily, you can find quite a few beautiful flowers that you can add to your garden.

The pincushion flower is a nice choice. As the name implies, the flower has a look that is very similar to a pincushion. The plant grows to about two feet in height and they have purple, white or pink flowers. If you enjoy having hummingbirds in your lawn, you will be happy to know that they love these flowers. Butterflies seem to gather when you have these in your lawn as well.

Victoria Blue Sage is another plant that is quite easy to grow in Houston Texas. It is native to the area and it has evolved to grow well despite the heat and the powerful sunshine. These plants have a deep blue flower and they grow to be about one to two feet tall. Another great flower that you can add to your lawn is the pink skullcap. They have red flowers and they grow extremely well in the summer months. These particular flowers are only going to get to be about eight inches high.

A flower with which just about everyone is familiar is the black-eyed Susan. The most common color for the flower is yellow, but some of them have an orange and even a red tinge to them. All of the flowers have a dark center, which is why it has the name it does. These are nice looking flowers for the lawn, and the butterflies are going to love them just as much as you do.

The above are just a few of the many different types of flowers that are going to grow well in Houston Texas. Whichever flowers you choose for your garden, you need to be sure that you know the best way to care for them. Different flowers have different requirements, and it is in your best interest to learn what your particular plants need to thrive. Have fun with your garden and turn it into something spectacular no matter how hot it gets this summer!

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